Movie Escape


With all the stresses in our lives, everyone is looking to get away from it all even for just a little while.  Admittedly, my life isn’t all that stressful.  For the most part I spend my days traveling back and forth to work almost an hour each way, sitting at my desk or in meetings at work, and playing cards when I’m not.  I’m married, have 2 teenage children, a mortgage, 2 car payments, and a proportionate amount of debt.  Aside from being the victim of a sedentary lifestyle and very poor diet choices, my life is pretty ho-hum.

So what gets me excited…it’s pretty simple really.  Well, it’s 22 x 52 feet of fantasy and fiction supported by 100 decibels of sound effects that can change the way you feel in an instant.  Simply put, movies.

I love going to the movies.  Whether it’s with my family or friends…

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